Work and Travel in ombudsman's offices all around the world

During the summer, during your holidays or whenever you feel at ease, Coepio foundation and the supporting program for the Ibero-American Ombudsman´s offices (PRADPI) offer you a unique opportunity: to live in another country, enjoy its culture and carry out an internship in an ombudsman’s office. You will have the possibility to Share with specialized work teams and develop tasks related to the social issues you are most interested in.
Your previous work experience will be considered but it is not crucial to have worked before.
The destinations you can choose are: Colombia, México, Paraguay and Argentina. In Argentina we have alliances with the Ombudsman’s Offices of Bariloche, Jujuy; Salta Paraná, Río Negro, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Río Cuarto.
The internship is not only certified by the supporting program for the Ibero-American Ombudsman´s offices (PRADPI) of the University of Alcalá de Henares, but also by the local Ombudsman´s office chosen.
We guarantee you the facilities to get comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price and we also help you obtain the appropriate medical insurance. What is more, Coepio Foundation offers you the possibility to carry out cultural activities (tours, events of your interests, trips, etc.)


  • If you are a professional or a student and you are over 18 years old, put together your backpack and get ready to live the experience.
  • Make new friends, expand your network of professional contacts, and widen your opportunities all over the world.
  • We offer you vital apprenticeships to add to your academic and professional experience doing certified internships in Ombudsman’s Offices in other countries.
  • We handle every aspect of your journey: from the very first call until you’re back home. We offer you accommodation options; we help to manage your flights, we provide you with transportation to and from the airport and we advise you to get medical assistance and travel insurance.
  • Program fees vary depending on destination and length of experience (minimum 1 month- maximum 4 months)



  • You must have18 years old at least and be a university student or a professional.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Have a return ticket or enough resources to purchase one.
  • Have reasonably sufficient funds to support transportation, accommodation and food during your stay.


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